Mark is a London based photographer and film-maker. He makes films and shoots award winning stillsĀ andĀ has been commissioned to photograph campaigns for a diverse range of clients including the AA, Accenture, American Airlines, AOL, Apple, Audi, Barclays Bank, Boots, British Gas, Coca Cola, EDF Energy, Guinness, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Landrover, Mercedes, Microsoft, O2, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Reuters, Royal Mail, Skoda, Virgin, VW, Williams F1 Racing.

He also shoots diverse personal projects recently photographing Tribal Masks in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia, and with his interest in contemporary Architecture filming and photographing people and the life and interaction that revolve around it.

Mark has received many accolades for his work with awards from the Royal Photographic Society, and the Association of Photographers in London.